Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop

About the Dissertation Workshop

Created in memory of Mark Claster Mamolen (1946-2013), a lifelong friend of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and dedicated member of the Hutchins Center National Advisory Board, the Mark Claster Mamolen annual Dissertation Workshop on Afro-Latin American Studies seeks to support the best doctoral dissertations on Afro-Latin American topics anywhere in the world.

Every year, the Afro-Latin American Research Institute at the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, will invite graduate students working on dissertations related to Afro-Latin American studies to submit a proposal to the annual Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop on Afro-Latin American Studies. Doctoral students at universities anywhere in the world, who are at the dissertation writing stage, from any discipline, may submit an application. The only condition is that their dissertations deal with Afro-Latin American topics broadly defined, covering any time period, from colonial times to the present. Proposals can be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Interested students will submit a three-page proposal (double space) summarizing their dissertation topic and one letter of support from their academic adviser. Up to ten students will be selected to participate in the workshop. They will submit a dissertation chapter (up to 50 pages, double space) in English, Spanish, or Portuguese that will be circulated among workshop participants. The Workshop will meet at Harvard in early May.

The Afro-Latin American Research Institute will cover lodging and living expenses for all participants and will provide support for travel expenses for students who cannot get funding from their institutions. Students should indicate in their proposal whether they require travel support.

This initiative is s supported by a bequest from Mark Claster Mamolen (1946-2013), the Weatherhead Center of International Affairs, the Ford Foundation, and the International Academic Program of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (IAP UAM).

Mark Claster Mamolen

Mark Claster Mamolen was a successful businessman and entrepreneur who enjoyed a childhood friendship with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. That friendship grew into brotherhood through their mutual affection and shared experiences both as children and adults. Mark was a committed and engaged supporter of Skip's' work at the Hutchins Center and served on the Center's Advisory Board until his death. 

Mark received his B.A. in Economics and his MBA from George Washington University and a JD from the University of Chicago. He was a Life Member of the Visiting Committee of the University of Chicago Law School, a member of the Dean's International Council at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies of the University of Chicago, Board Advisor to Intellectual Property Development, Inc., and the Advisory Board Member of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University.

Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumni

Etyelle Araujo

Etyelle Araujo

ALARI 2019-2020 Visiting Student
2019 Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumna
Research interests lie in Language Studies, specifically Applied Linguistics, focused on Narrative Analysis, identity construction and interaction in society.... Read more about Etyelle Araujo

Jessika Souza

2019 Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumna
As a researcher and teacher of the public education system, her interests focus on the areas of history teaching, Afro-Brazilian history and culture, anti-... Read more about Jessika Souza
Guilherme Nogueira

Guilherme Nogueira

2019 Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumnus

His research interests are spread on racism, black religion and gender issues, studied through Latin American social theory. His master’s thesis and...

Read more about Guilherme Nogueira

Edimilson Rodrigues

2019 Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumnus
His research interests are concentrated in the trajectory of popular leaders (religious agents, trade unionist, peasant and indigenous) killed in areas of... Read more about Edimilson Rodrigues
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