Ricardo Pirola

Ricardo Pirola

Spring 2020 ALARI Visiting Fellow
Professor, UNICAMP, Brazil
Ricardo Pirola

Short Bio:

Ricardo Pirola is professor of Brazilian History at UNICAMP – Brazil. He is author of Escravos e rebeldes no tribunais do Império (2015 – Winner of National Archive Prize - Brazil) and Senzala Insurgente (2011). He is current director of CECULT (Centro de Pesquisa em História Social da Cultura).


Project Description:

The aim of my project “Lynchings in Brazil and the United States: Definitions, Social Control and Racial Identity (1860-1930)” is to analyze the phenomenon of lynchings in Brazil between 1850 and 1930, based on newspaper and police reports. First, the magnitude of the phenomenon during the chosen period is determined, underscoring the frequency of cases, the profiles of victims and perpetrators, and the changes in their occurrence over time. This project also aims to understand the impact of US cases in the Brazilian press, stressing how this phenomenon could have influenced the development of the concept of lynching in Brazil.

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