Visiting Fellows


Wlamyra Albuquerque

Fall 2015: Afro-Latin American Research Institute Fellow
Professor of History; Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


Wlamyra Albuquerque is Professor of History at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.  She earned a Doctorate in Social...

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Odette Casamayor-Cisneros

Visiting Fellow, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and Visiting Scholar,  Afro-Latin American Research Institute


Odette Casamayor-Cisneros is Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Cultures at the University of Connecticut-Storrs....

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Genevieve Dempsey

Genevieve E. Dempsey

Mark Claster Mamolen Fellow Academic Year 2017-18
Ethnomusicologist and Musician

Genevieve E. Dempsey is an ethnomusicologist and musician, specializing largely in the musics of Latin America and the Lusophone world. She received her...

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Victor Fowler

2015-2016: Mark Claster Mamolen Fellowship


Victor Fowler is one of the most important writers of his generation. Born in 1960 to an Afro-Cuban family, he belongs to the first...

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matheus gato

Matheus Gato

2017-2018 ALARI Visiting Fellow

Matheus Gato is a sociologist specializing largely in race relations in Brazil. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of São Paulo in...

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Mary Hicks

Mary Hicks

Assistant Professor of Black Studies and History at Amherst College
2018-2019: Mamolen Fellow
Mary Hicks is an Assistant Professor of Black Studies and History at Amherst College, her current research examines the maritime dimensions of the African... Read more about Mary Hicks

Marial Iglesias Utset

Visiting Research Scholar at the Afro-Latin American Research Institute
Working Group on Comparative Slavery Leader


Marial Iglesias Utset was Professor of Philosophy and History at the University of Havana for 25 years. She earned her Ph.D. in...

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Marixa Lasso

Marixa Lasso

Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow, Fall 2016
Associate Professor of Latin American History at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Marixa Lasso is Associate Professor of Latin American History at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Prior to joining the...

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Márcia Lima

Fall 2016: Afro-Latin American Research Insitute Fellowship


Professor of Sociology at the University of São Paulo
Brazil's Racial Inequalities and Regional Variations...

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Ivor Miller

Mark Claster Mamolen Fellow 2016-2017 Academic Year
Senior Lecturer at Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies at the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria


Ivor Miller is a cultural historian specializing in the African Diaspora in the Caribbean and the Americas. He was a Senior...

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Elio Rodríguez

Spring 2015: Afro-Latin American Research Institute Fellow and Cohen Fellow, Hutchins Center


All my work in a general sense deals with the question of identity, understood as the system of judgments about a person, culture...

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