Alejandro de la Fuente

Alejandro de la Fuente

Director, Afro-Latin American Research Institute, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University
Robert Woods Bliss Professor of Latin American History and Economics
Professor of African and African American Studies and of History

A historian of Latin America and the Caribbean who specializes in the study of comparative slavery and race relations, Professor de la Fuente’s works on...

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104 Mt. Auburn Street 3R

Bruno Carvalho

Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures (Portuguese)

Wlamyra Albuquerque

Fall 2015: Afro-Latin American Research Institute Fellow
Professor of History; Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


Wlamyra Albuquerque is Professor of History at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.  She earned a Doctorate in Social...

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James  Almeida

James Almeida

Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumnus 2022

James Almeida is a PhD Candidate in Latin American History and student affiliate of the Afro-Latin American Research Institute at Harvard University...

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James Almeida

James Almeida

Ph.D. Candidate, History Department
James Almeida is a scholar of Colonial Latin America, the Early Modern Atlantic World, and understandings of human difference. His dissertation project is a... Read more about James Almeida

Reid Andrews

Distinguished Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh
Etyelle Araujo

Etyelle Araujo

ALARI 2019-2020 Visiting Student
2019 Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop Alumna
Research interests lie in Language Studies, specifically Applied Linguistics, focused on Narrative Analysis, identity construction and interaction in society.... Read more about Etyelle Araujo
Nohora Arrieta

Nohora Arrieta Fernandez

2020-2021 ALARI Research Associate
PhD Candidate in Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, Georgetown University
CLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion fellow (2020-2021)
Nohora A. Arrieta Fernandez is a PhD candidate at Georgetown University and a ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion fellow (2020-2021). Her dissertation project... Read more about Nohora Arrieta Fernandez
Emma Banks

Emma Banks

Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop 2017 Alumna
My dissertation research focuses on state and community formation in the coal-mining region of La Guajira, Colombia. I work with Wayúu indigenous and Afro-... Read more about Emma Banks
Denise Barata

Denise Barata

2022-2023 ALARI Research Associate
Denise Barata is a professor at the Rio de Janeiro State University and has supervised several master's and doctoral students about Brazilian black culture,... Read more about Denise Barata

Maya J. Berry

Mark Claster Mamolen Dissertation Workshop 2016 Alumna
Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music
Maya J. Berry is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University’s Institute of Sacred Music.  As Assistant Professor of African, African American,... Read more about Maya J. Berry