Silvia Valero

Silvia Valero

Fall 2015: Afro-Latin American Research Institute Fellowship
Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Literature at the Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia


Silvia Valero is a Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Literature at the Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina); her MA in Hispanic Literature at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) and her Ph.D. in Literature at Université de Montréal, Canada. Her book Mirar atrás. La importancia del pasado en los relatos de nación y negritud  en la literatura afrocubana de entre-siglos (2014)  (Looking back. The relevance of the past in stories of nation and blackness in the between-centuries Afro-Cuban literature) is a study about the racial self-identification and the construction of new and different imagined communities through Cuban writers’ literary production, between 1990 and 2005.Her next book Identidades políticas en tiempos de la afrodescendencia: auto-identificación, ancestralidad, visibilidad y derechos (Political identities in the era of Afro-descendency: Self-identification, ancestry, visibility and rights) coedited with Alejandro Campos García (Thompson Rivers University, Canada), will be published in 2015. The book includes her article “Afroepistemología y sensibilización en las narrativas históricas afrodescendientes del siglo XXI” (Afro-epistemology and sensitization in the historical audiovisual and literary narratives of Afro-descendants in the XXI Century.” In addition, Silvia Valero has coordinated the dossier titled Literatura y ”afrodescendencia” (Literature and “Afro-descendancy”) in the Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinaomericana (2015) including her article “La construcción del ‘sujeto afrodiaspórico’ como sujeto político en Un mensaje de Rosa (2004) y El pueblo afrodescendiente (2012) de Quince Duncan” (The construction of the “Afro-diasporic subject as a political subject in A message from Rose and The Afro-descendant people by Quince Duncan).

Project Description

Afro-descendancy in the Afro-Hispanic Literature and Audiovisual Works of the 21st Century: Refoundations and Political Identities

The purpose of Valero’s current work is to analyze the afro-Hispanic literature and audiovisual works produced over the last two decades in terms of their reception of the "Afro-descendant" discourse. To accomplish her goal, she has to examine different categories originated in the North American context such as Pan-Africanism, Afro-centrism, Afro-diaspora. Her concrete research questions are: Is it possible to find a projection of these identity platforms in the production of Afro-descendant ethnicity in recent Afro-Hispanic literature and Audiovisual Works?  What are the ruptures and continuities in such platforms? Do their presence/absence respond to an ambiguity of Afro-descendancy as an epistemological category?

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