ALARI Seminar Series Welcome Lecture with Bárbaro Martínez Ruiz: ”Seeing Things as They Are: Annotating African in Cuban Art”


Friday, September 18, 2020, 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Barbaro Martinez Ruiz will deliver a welcome lecture "Seeing Things as They Are: Annotating African in Cuban Art". To attend online, please register here:

The lecture will cover a global debate on Western representations of African and Afro-Cuban art with particular attention to issues such as how aesthetic concepts, museum politics, art display, colonialism, identity practices, and nationalism intersect across a global diaspora. It will explore questions of representation of African art and culture from primary sources and in the context of avant-garde and contemporary art in Cuba. It will also consider the proliferation of African art in the collections of major institutions worldwide and will query the dichotomy between viewing ‘African’ artistic practices in the diaspora as either influenced by the (‘modern') cultures of the West or by traditional (‘primitive') non-Western cultures.



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