Harvard-affiliated undergraduate or graduate students doing short term research (2-8 weeks) in any discipline within Afro-Latin American Studies can apply to this grant twice a year, in April  and  November.  This  grant  is  generously  funded  by  the Weatherhead  Center  for International Affairs’ Initiative on Afro-Latin American Studies

Summer 2018

Almeida, James, Department of History: "Scattered Patrimony: Colonial Potosí in Multiple Archives"

Grisales, Juan David, HGSD, "Empowering Afro-Colombian Communities Along Abandoned Andean Infrastructures: A journey through Colombia’s vanished Pacifico Railway line."

Leslie Santana, Matthew, Department of Music: "Transformismo in Cuba: Black Aesthetics, Lesbian Visibility, and Transgender Subjectivities."

Mancilla, Brandon, Department of History: "Towards a Long History of Cuban Agrarian Reform: Ideology, Race, and Political Economy."

Payne, Samantha, Department of History: "Race and Reconstruction in Cuba, Brazil and the United States, 1865-1912"

Rodelo Christopher, American Studies,

Sanchez, Angelica, Department of Africand and African-American Studies: "Alterity, Scientific Racism and Pigments: Coloring Black Women in Nueva Granada, 18th Century and Sharing my research in Barcelona and London, 21st Century."

Silva Portero, Carolina, Law School: "Indigenous and Afro-Descent Narratives of Equality: An Analysis of the Constitutional Conventions of Ecuador and Bolivia (2005-2009)."

Stoll, Henry, Department of Music: "The Strains of Haitian Independence, 1804-1820. Music at the Beginning and End of Empire."

Weeks, Meg, Department of History: "Mulheres Precárias: Maids and Sex Workers during Brazil’s Transition to Democracy."


Winter 2018

Padilha Addor, Ana Luiza, Graduate School of Design, “It is not just about race!”

Sanchez Barona, Angelica, Department of African and African American Studie, “Unveiling Human Types in Viceroyalty of New Granada 1777-1827.”

Stoll, Henry, Department of Music, “The Strains of Haitian Independence, 1804-1820: Music at the Beginning and End of Empire."


Summer 2017

Almeida, James: Department of History, “Silver Anxieties: A History of Social Conflict in Colonial Potosí.”

Correa Ochoa, Laura, Department of History, “Forging Popular Solidarities: Race, Citizenship and Black and Indigenous Mobilization in Colombia, 1934-1993.”

García Yero, Cary Aileen, Department of History, “Building Cubanidad: Race, Nation and the Arts in Cuba, 1938-1963.”

Hayes, Marcella, Department of History.

Rodelo, Christopher, Program in American Studies, “Performing While Black and Brown: A Cultural History of Latinx and Afro-Latinx Performance Cultures, 1850-1915.”

Sanchez Barona, Angelica, Department of African and African American Studies, “Exploring Afro Brazilian Colonial Art Production and Aesthetics.


Stephens, Miari Department of African and African American Studies.


Weeks, Margaret, Department of History, “Mulheres da Vida: State Policy and the Politics of Sex Work in Dictatorship-era Brazil."